Le Mans, France
Hi Gentlemen,

using very little my last straight razors, I look for them a new den:

- Ali’s blade raptor 10/8 with its custom case.
- W&B « the Celebrated » 8/8 with its custom case

I would like to trade them and find something interesting for me. I look for:

  - Wolfman razors brass with WRH7 handle
  - Declaration Grooming  brush B5
  - Black eagle brush HT1
  - maybe a LASSC BBS-1 (if possible Ti ?)

  I can send additional photos and videos in PM.

  I’m ready to discuss the details in PM with the possibility of adding cash or other products from my den for some rare products.


[Image: 7w8yUik.jpg]
[Image: yCbEr0H.jpg][Image: 5CNmHlB.jpg]

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