I have some soaps and a Razor that I would like to trade.  I would really like to see if I could trade for one of the following shaving creams:  I Colonialli, XPEC, Tabula Rasa, Truefitt & Hill, Trumper or something along those lines.

B&M Latha (original scent) used 1 time (Retail $11)
B&M Dickens about 90% (Retail $16)
Shaver Heaven - Spiced Mahogany - about 85%  (Retail $18)

Stiriling DE3P2S used 2 times (retail $22) - Comparable to the Merkur 34C but with more Heft to it. It doesn't have a box Stiriling didn't send it to me in one.

[Image: 9FJSAGq.jpg]

[Image: Ga4UuJQ.jpg]

[Image: 1iMbQXE.jpg]

[Image: fx7pX7a.jpg]

[Image: Vawok2V.jpg]

[Image: cdEanjN.jpg]

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