Toronto, Canada
Hi gents,

I've recently been bit by some extreme brand loyalty. In the spirit of it, I'm getting rid of a bunch of soaps to try to acquire some specific ones. I'd like to trade the following:

1) Mystic Water - White tea & ginger (used about 5-7 times)
2) Catie's Bubbles - QCV (used about 3-5 times)
3) RazoRock - Zi Peppino (brand new)
4) Reef Point - Espresso (used once - one of my fave all-time scents but burns face Sad)

I'd like to trade for just two of the following; any combination would do:

1) Mickey Lee - Drunken goat
2) Mickey Lee - The kraken
3) Mickey Lee - Bali Hai
4) Reef Point - Dragon's blood
5) Reef Point - Earl grey & ginger
6) Reef Point - Sandalwood

Despite ridiculous Canadian shipping charges, I will ship CONUS as well. Sorry, I didn't have a chance to take a picture of the Espresso soap but if you'd like to see one, I'll gladly take one for you.

[Image: nNxLwrn.jpg]
[Image: 6bP8hAe.jpg]

Thanks for looking!

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