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Ivory 26mm Select Bulb. Lathered a total of 5 times, wonderful brush but I prefer fans. Looking to trade for Weber DLC or BBS-1(Will add cash to even up retail price/also willing to just trade for the head)

Also open to other cool interesting stuff such as UFO/Triad handles, higher end fan brushes(Wiborg/Simpsons/Paladin) , unicorn tears and unobtainium . If you have something else in mind feel free to shoot me a pm.

Edit: added a photo with my username over here

[Image: CscVZXU.jpg]
[Image: 2uQ6qrt.jpg]
[Image: L0D7Qvp.jpg]
[Image: eUohXqR.webp]
[Image: xzlZzx0.webp]
[Image: ViRldBd.webp]
[Image: Cz81hl6.webp]
[Image: b61ASS7.webp]
[Image: YfmlLLf.webp]
[Image: tMHBK5J.webp][Image: tjrKFvR.webp]

Restitutor Orbis
Gorgeous brush! I'm also looking for the same thing but you offer a better deal. Good luck to us both Big Grin

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