This handle came with the WR2 1.35/1.55 SB I just got. Think it was used 1 time. No idea what it costs new but I would love to trade it for a longer Wolfman handle. Think the normal length of the Wolfman Darwin is 90mm. My ideal handle length is 95-97mm. Let me know if anyone wants to trade for this beauty. It has James’ basic polish and the polish alone is stunning!! If I can’t find a trade, I will sell it for $275 shipped CONUS in the US. Please PM me if you are interested. Thanks for looking![Image: 04200f3dbb782391afdc6c2d60a74283.jpg][Image: 1cda1f8968ef0f80c1148b0371fc74ee.jpg][Image: 4b40e5424645f51942de4866472c939e.jpg]

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