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I would love to trade any of the listed soaps for any other Mickey Lee Soaps, B&M, Reef Point Earl Grey & Ginger, but I am not limited to only those.  I am open to all trade offers.  I love trying to different brands and scents.

ML Italian Stallion - Used x 2 Traded

B&M Latha Sandal Wood - New Unused

TIKI Bar Land Locked

[Image: jUn4eI3.jpg]

[Image: DrQU5oe.jpg]

[Image: tzxabfR.jpg]

Interested in B&M Limon or Mike's Pine & Cedarwood?
I would be interested in the B&M Limon

Limon for the Mocha Latte?

In interest of full disclosure, I did lather it once. Outside of that, it's how I received it.
Yeah that works for me....PM me your address and I will do the same. I can have this sent out to you tomorrow.
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LPV for Shaver Heaven Spiced Mahogany?

I've lathered it a few times.
I like more cleaner scents, do you have anything else
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