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Would like to trade for
1) weber of any kind
2) aluminum stealth
3) wolfman or labbs1 if lucky
4) triad handles (spiral)

Here's what I have in my den that I am considering parting with.

ikon 101 with bull dog handle - excellent condition
feather as-d2 - excellent condition - about 5 shaves on it with box -  traded - no longer available
Razorock DLC stealth slant - good overall condition, handle has some DLC loss.
Razorock baby smooth - great condition
Razorock black mamba - great conidition
1959 fatboy E1 - Great condition, equal blade exposure, mechanically sound as well.
Merkur progress - Great condition
Standard raw with stand - Great condition

3 handles
Weber bulldog handle
Weber classic handle
Ikon OSS handle

[Image: xwArVna.jpg]
[Image: FnUlC2Y.jpg]
[Image: UKIMjDu.jpg]
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Also interested in trading baby smooth + ikon 101 head for an aluminum stealth slant.
What would you take for the stealth slant?

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I really don't have any gear to trade. They are super high! Thanks for the reply though!

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I know, at the time, I really wanted the DLC version, so I paid good amount to purchase it.
I would keep it if I didn't find a new favorite razor.

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What's your new favorite razor?

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King cobra and wolfman sb. They are fantastic.
Also willing to trade mamba for a wolfman. Will add cash for the price difference.
To broaden the possible trade options, I am including more items to the WANT list.

triiad handles, wolfman, bbs1, any weber (dlc, ph or ARC), aluminum stealth slant.
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feather as-d2 has been traded.

Added 3 more razors and 3 handles.

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