Hi all. I don't really want to let these go, but I'd really like to find some CG 3" stainless handles so I'm offering these brass 3" handles in trade. They are a hammered and a v3 maze and both have developed a nice patina (which can of course be removed if desired). I have more CG handles as well if the right trade came along. I'm looking for:

SS Maze
SS Hammered
SS Stinger (not 3" but would love to find one)

Also some non SS handles I'm looking for:

Brass v1 or v2 Maze
Brass Stinger

I'm flexible and am happy to work out goods/cash combo trades to make things work. Like I said I do have a few other handles I don't want to part with but might be convinced to if it made the right trade work.

[Image: maSeFpI.jpg]

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