Knothead Brush Works custom brush auction for DFS. Read more here!!

I have this metal oxide finish black bird razor with long handle.
Comes in original box.

In excellent condition. it's a great shaver overall.

Trades I might be interested in

Weber Polished head (or any Weber in fact)
Razorock baby smooth
Razorock stealth slant
Razorock black mamba

Entertain me with other razor offers. I am not interested in brushes / soaps / AS

thank you.

[Image: B7chQVr.jpg]
[Image: gUtFCBg.jpg]
I received a few offers for baby smooths, but I amholding out for other offers for now. But I will get back to you guys in the order I received offers when I decide.
I would want to shoot for weber ph, stealth or black mamba if I could.

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