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I have a Wolfman in brushed stainless, .61 gap, open comb with WR7 handle.  I love the razor but i reach for others more.  I'd like to trade it for something else nice.  Let me know what you've got.  If no trades surface, I'll probably sell.

I would trade the razor for:
2 declaration brushes
unobtanium razors, no straights
a boat load of software

[Image: JpeeE3O.jpg][Image: pOi8MRa.jpg][Image: 1V9vMZM.jpg]
Not unobtainium, but I would trade my Timeless in matte finish with 85mm barberpole handle and both SB base plates. Or I would be interested in buying if you decide to sell.
could you please specify what items would not be of interest for you?

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