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I’d ideally like to trade this for a quality 2-band brush (Shavemac, Paladin, Thater, etc).

If a trade doesn’t pan out, I will consider selling it outright


[Image: 9f504a34379883b839b83a3b8c87c80a.jpg]

[Image: 082ca0e8ecd627beeb5680ecb7142eec.jpg]

[Image: 11d8c5256b605ff79a41c34a74f8a0f1.jpg]

[Image: e5e0655ed928e337bef4c05374f99e9f.jpg]

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A friend of mine has a chubby 2 he’s willing to trade up for that WW. He wants to know if that’s a WW Tuxedo or another Tuxedo knot in there.

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very nice


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