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I have some soaps I am looking to trade, I love trying different brands and scents.  You never know when you might find one you fall in love with that you didn't think you would.  I would like to see if I could make a trade any or all of these for a shaving cream (upper end) I Colonialli, XPEC, Tabula Rasa, Castle Forbes, AOS or something along those lines.  I am very flexible and open to trade offers TRADED

B&M Limon - Used 1 time (Retail $11:00)
Tabac Shave Cream (100ml Tube) Used 1 time (nickle size amount) (Retail $10.00)
Razorock P.160 - Used 1 time (Retail $5.99)
Nanny's Silly Soap Signature Series Bamboo & White Grape - Used 1 time (Retail $12.00)
Sea Grapes Studio Bay Rum & Sweet Orange used 1 times (Retail $8.50)

[Image: LXpYQy1.jpg]

[Image: 3aXIz3K.jpg]

[Image: Bwk66ou.jpg]

[Image: g1xHggw.jpg]

[Image: 0LOE2Ok.jpg]
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Would Also be willing to Trade the remaining lot for a MDC Lavender or a Castle Forbes Lavender (something along those lines)

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