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I am interested in trading these 2 razors.
If the market price/value difference is too high, we can work on it by either adding cash, or adding more items to the deal.

razors I am interested in

-any wolfman (plus handle if available)
-Weber DLC coated razor (head only is fine)  (or weber ARC or polished)
-baby smooth
Stealth slant

I will sell each for $150 shipped if I don't receive trade offers.
The ATT plates/heads are R1 and S1.

Shipping included for U.S. buyers.

[Image: MjuMGhB.jpg]

[Image: 9R54mq2.jpg]
[Image: rMgO3Ns.jpg]

S1 has been traded. thank you.
s1 has been traded. thank you
Both traded
Thank you dfs

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