Chicago, IL
Let me be the first to list my available soaps.  Please PM me if interested and provide your soap lists in return.  I prefer to keep the sample size between .25oz - .5oz.  All you need is a small scale and containers for the soap.

If you're reading this and didn't see the thread discussed over the weekend, the idea is to provide enough soap for a handful of shaves, testing scent and performance.

Cibe Uomo Lavender *
Dapper Dragon Signature
Dapper Dragon Watermelon
JM Fraser's Lime
LASS Topanga Fougere
LPL Rose *
Mickey Lee Kokomo
Mystic Waters Lily of the Valley
PannaCrema Namaste *
Phoenix CAD
Phoenix Gondolier *
Phoenix i.e. *
Phoenix Lavender Cedar *
Razorock Stallion
Razorock Tobacco #1 *
Razorock Tobacco #2 *
Shaver Heaven Honey Ale *
Shaver Heaven Hubba Hubba
Soap Commander Gusto
Soap Commander Motivation
Soapy Bathman Cigar Lounge
Soapy Bathman Desperado *
Tiki Bar Grand Cru
Tiki Bar North Shore
Tiki Bar Fougere *
Tiki Bar Barbershop *
Tiki Bar The Captain
Tiki Bar Volcano
Tiki Bar 50's Dive Bar
Tiki Bar Windy City
WSP Black Amber Vanille
WSP Fougere Noir *

* Willing to trade as samples or full tubs

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