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These items are no longer available due to high shipping costs, I will keep everyone posted in case anything changes.

[Image: OldH1rN.jpg]
[Image: 6tLi0s3.jpg]
Included are: EJ 89, R41 handle only, tabac (inside) bowl, and of course all of the soaps and A/S in the photos.
PS: all of the soaps have been used twice before pulling the plug on them, except for the two TOBS and the DRH SOAPS.
Stirling A/S is amazing in terms of performance, the scent of the ones that I have though is a different story! I have the Ozark and the Island Man scents.

I am adding these soaps as well. Scent is amazing but performance, not so much. Used each soap twice only. This entire lot is priced at $70, buying separate items is also feasible. The first to make a purchase gets the lathering bowl and the brush stand for free. Any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

[Image: KSwFYSq.jpg]

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