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Vintage Shaver
Seattle, WA
I have for trade 5 original Rooney Finest brushes, which are duplicates in my collection. They consist of a 1/1 ivory, a 2/1 ivory, a 3/2 ebony, a 3/3 ivory, and a 3/3 ebony. I am only interested in trading for other Finests: I would like a 1/1 ebony, a 1/2 ivory or ebony, a 2/1 ebony, a 3/2 ivory, or the even rarer models such as Emillions and Polos. My brushes are all in pampered, excellent condition and are typical Finests, with moderate to firm backbones and very soft tips. Please PM me if you have one of the types I'm looking for that you're willing to trade. At this point I am not interested in trades for any other types of brushes or in cash sales. Thanks.

1/1 Ivory Finest (22mm/49mm)
[Image: OiRNzJP.jpg?1][Image: xjvH107.jpg?1]

2/1 Ivory Finest (20mm/57mm)
[Image: awgFw9u.jpg?1][Image: BSeDIYx.jpg?1]

3/2 Ebony Finest (24mm/62mm)
[Image: QbSCLSl.jpg?1][Image: gKr0YZq.jpg?1]

3/3 Ivory Finest (26mm/65mm)
[Image: ZPuwLiE.jpg?1][Image: FFG8O1H.jpg?1]

3/3 Ebony Finest (26mm/67mm)
[Image: xRaWn26.jpg?1][Image: HSVbXCg.jpg?1]

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