Olaf Rasmussen

Clean razor. Not much to say here as there isn't much to it. Handle is straight and no burrs, just some minor scuffs consistent with use. Base plate is stamped stainless and mates to the top cap as it should, threads on top cap fine.   It's just an honest example of one of these in excellent condition. Thanks for looking.
[Image: 5pumJUQ.jpg]
[Image: NO0PtMy.jpg]
[Image: G5zSMKt.jpg]

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Rare as rocking horse shite.
Might be helpful to others if you give some ideas for trade. At least value wise

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Thank you  HOLYZEUS!  To be honest I am looking forward a DE razor of comparable value.  I am not very sure about the exact $ value.  I am open to any DE razors and I will add cash to match up the trade value.  Thanks again

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