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My new obsession is EDC knives and as usual I've gone a bit overboard.  I'd love to trade some/all of these for some wet shaving items.  Let me know what you've got.  
Here's what I have:

[Image: 1INbjsy.jpg][Image: 90YDUqg.jpg]

Buck 110 w/sheath
Buck 110 w/sheath and box, exclusive from SK Blades
Zero Tolerance 0562cf w/M390 steel and box TRADED!
Spyderco Endura 4 w/box
Black Mamba folder w/gorgeous Damascus steel and box
Chris Reeve Small Sebenza 21 w/Micarta, box with all goodies, lanyard is in the box

Looking for:
nicer software...

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Bismarck, ND
What kind of items are you looking for? DE, SE, Straight, soap, brush?

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PM Sent.
most still here!

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