Hello everyone.

Recently, I bought this beautiful vintage razor. It is a Merkur from the 40's, after some research and help from a forum member I found that it is the model no. 780. It is in very good condition, I cleaned it very well and polished it. Also, I had a couple of shaves with it. It is a little more aggressive than a Merkur 34C. The combs on each side differ, on one side there is a closed comb and on the other side it is smooth and the blade gap is a little bigger in my opinion. I didn't measure it though. It is a pretty rare piece, it was very hard to find any information on my own so I had asked for some help. It is nickel or silver plated. To be honest it seems like it is silver plated. I have some other nickel plated razors and this one is a lot brighter. Photos are not very good.

I decide to trade it because I prefer more aggressive razors and I am not a collector.

I am interested in a cased vintage british Aristocrat in mint condition or a stainless steel razor, also in perfect condition.

[Image: 20151007_140750_zps3ioigb2x.jpg]

[Image: 20151007_140744_zpsj0qqmvcx.jpg]

[Image: 20151007_140802_zps2fvrqvlz.jpg]

[Image: 20151007_140828_zpsbefxkk0b.jpg]

[Image: 20151007_140911_zpslpo8vjx4.jpg]

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Nick, unfortunately I have nothing to trade. Too bad because I really like this old razor. Nice find!

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Best Regards,

Thanks, Gary!
The trade is completed. Thanks!

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