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Up for trade are the following. Trade desires listed at the bottom.

[Image: VBqbYph.jpg]

TRADED M&F 30mm Polo finest TRADED
M&F 30mm Alibaba blonde
M&F 26mm Alibaba finest
M&F 1XL finest
Paladin 24mm Sumo

[Image: lstG8sd.jpg]

Brad Sears Archduke 26mm silvertip
Brad Sears 30mm Manchurian
Simpson Chubby 2 super
Rod Neep 24mm HMW
TRADED Timeless OC head on ATT bamboo handle TRADED

Declaration brush
Blackbird OC
Charcoal Goods razor, not plain stainless
other Paladin
I am open to other trades as well
per requests, here are more pics of the 2 alibabas. both are in cobalt with gold flakes. very cool handles!

[Image: CShYafe.jpg][Image: VpcuUTh.jpg][Image: SjcZ7gb.jpg][Image: K6hcy10.jpg]
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