West Virginia
Hey folks,seeing if there is any interest in trades for my Astra Superior Stainless(blue pack)blades.I have about 10 tucks(5 blades per) in my stash I am willing to part with.Interested in trading for Ladas Super Stainless blades,Rapira Swedish Super Steels,Voskhod Teflon Coated.Would be willing to trade blade for blade on them(most sites have the Astras around 25 cents more than the Ladas Rapira and Voskhods).Wouldn't mind trying others as well(with the exception of Derby's,they just don't work for me)just offer,if your trade is worth more than mine we could do my 2 tucks to your 1 or something similar,IE Personna's,Gillette Silver Blues etc.Thanks

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