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I'm looking for a Mongoose razor, don't care which one.  I'd like to buy one or, if you wish, trade for my Feather razor below Smile
[Image: BFkqqZO.jpg]
[Image: OlqGyk6.jpg]
[Image: Xgw5KHn.jpg]
[Image: kNWrh5q.jpg]
Great condition, I haven't used it that often since I got it over a year ago, still have the box and a bunch of blades as you can lol   The handle is a plastic like material that seems to attract lint, I'll do my best to get that all off before shipping of course.  The head comes apart easily but fits together tightly still so the blade won't come out, the instructions are still in the box as well.  Oh, and sadly, for the two injectors that are open I don't know how many blades are left in each one, it's been too long :/

Please let me know if you're interested in selling me a Mongoose to trading for one, thanks Big Grin
I have either a polished or satin mongoose with both handles for each one. Let me know if you still need one

I like the satin finish best, and I'm still interested. Do you have pics?

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