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I have a bunch of really nice hardware to trade.  I am looking for the following:

Want to trade for +/-$:
Black Mamba
Blackbird (preferrably newer version)
I am open to other trades as well

Here's what I have to trade:
[Image: CnsCeGK.jpg][Image: 51xgK8i.jpg][Image: 3p5pIGp.jpg]

Rooney - old school block letter w/super badger hair, 27.5mm
M&F - Finest 3, 26.5mm  
Simpson Manchurian Disco Hive, 23mm
Rubberset 400
Above the Tie SE w/box  GONE!
Pils w/box  TRADED!

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ATT is going to a new home. Plenty left!
Is that the original Rubberset?
Is that the original Rubberset?

yes. it's a rubberset 400/4
I have lots to trade but it's mostly vintage Gillette

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