I'd like to trade for a Ti Wolfman WR1 in either .74 or .80 SB or OC or a WR2 in 1.10 or 1.15 SB. Ideally, I am interested in a WRH3 handle, but would consider a 3/7 and possibly others. 

What I have to trade: 

1. SS mirror polished WR1 .80/Darwin w/WRA2 stand (stand is budget polished) 
2. SS mirror polished WR2 1.15 WRH1/WRH2 knurling w/WRA1 stand (mirror polished) 
3. Premium brushes such as DG Jeffo SSB B6, B5 Dark Amethyst Theo and Jeffo, other hard to find B6s, Varlet, Black Eagle HT1, etc. 

I can offer multi item trades, item(s) + cash, etc., depending on what you have and what you might want. 

Pics can be provided upon request. Thanks

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Here are some pics of a few items...PM for any inquires or more info....

[Image: IMG-E9571.jpg]

[Image: DG-JEFFERSON-SSB-B64.jpg]

[Image: DG-JEFFERSON-SSB-B63.jpg]

[Image: DG-Dark-Amethyst-B5s.jpg]

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Bump...still looking...here is another pic of some possible bushes for trading. I am willing to do more than one brush for a full razor, brush + cash, or all cash. Also, I would be willing trade for or purchase the Ti head alone. 

[Image: IMG-0222.jpg]

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