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This should hopefully be fun and cool for both parties.

Now what I am suggesting:
You tell me what European soaps (or soaps I can easily get in Europe) you would like.
I then tell you what it would cost me to buy these soaps for you and tell you what US soaps I would like in return.
(Of course both parties can also include razors, aftershaves,... whatever you like)
When we both agree on the products to be exchanged, we both buy the products locally and exchange our address.

We then ship the goods to the other party with a standard post service, however with tracking and signing.

Since we both agreed on the exchange value and both have to ship a package, no money transfer is needed, unless one party wants something specific that blows the price limit and we need to compensate the offset with money. Which will be done through paypal. However I would prefer the exchange to be goods only.

Of course the exchange products value should be above 50 bucks to make it worthwhile and below 150 bucks so nobody has to overstretch as the estimated shipping costs will be around 15 to 20 bucks.

If you want to take me up on that exchange shoot me a message. It might take up to 2-3 days for me to reply, since in summer I have a lot of outside time hehe

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Sounds like a great idea ShaveTank

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That's something I would be interested in as well, the only problem is that our American based shaving buddies have far more stuff and greater availability of gear from the UK and Europe for them to "need" as much as we would from them. It's a bit like the UK Governments relationship with the US Government if you know what I mean.
I do not think so. While there are some Euro obvious big brands in the US (like Cella, Proraso, TOBS,...) there are enough that are actually pretty hard to get there or not even known... like Aca Kappa, Felionge, Jabonman, Calani, Klar, Wiener Seife, Santiago, Porto Nero,.... there are LOTS.
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That's quite an impressive list, some of them I hadn't heard of before either, although Acca Kappa and Klar are available on amazon.com and westcoastshaving.com but they will probably be more expensive being imports to buy in the USA.
I would suggest listing out what products you can source easily so that we can do some research. Several of the ones you just listed are completely new to me.

Are you in the UK or somewhere else?
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Happy beeps, buddy! Happy beeps!
(07-05-2015, 03:01 AM)SharpSpine Wrote: I would suggest listing out what products you can source easily so that we can do some research. Several of the ones you just listed are completely new to me.

Are you in the UK or somewhere else?

I am in Austria. So near Italy, why I know many Italian soaps...

I will do a list in the next few days and post it here. Good suggestion. thanks!
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I'm in the UK so the original poster would probably have as much access to certain gear as I would but if I can help anybody out with UK based stuff or easily available stuff in the UK I'd be happy to help also. Sorry if I appear to be hijacking this thread Shave Tank but I get the feeling you will be a bit more prolific than me so think of me as overflow control!
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No problem buddy Smile

Here is a list of soaps I can easily get my hands on:
Calani - all scents (Germany)
Wiener Seife - (Austria, hand made artisan soap)
Haslinger - (Austria - artisan made organic soaps)
Portus Cale - (Portugal)
Scottish Fine Soaps
Osma - (France, some say the better soap compared to MdC and cheaper)
ANTIGA BARBEARIA DE BAIRRO http://www.giftsandcare.com/en/shaving-s...03003.html
ACCA KAPPA - all scents
TAYLOR OF OLD BOND STREET (pretty much anything from them, soaps, creams,...)
TABAC - all products (sticks, soaps, scents,...)
I'COLONIALI Mango soap - the goddess from Italy
LEA Classic soap
CRABTREE & EVELYN all scents
Meissner Tremonia - all scents all products
DR HARRIS - all products and scents
CAPTAIN FAWCETT - Luxury Shaving Soap
TABULA RASA - all scents
MONDIAL Trditional Italian artisan soaps, all scents
ValobraMusgo Real (Portugal) - all products all scents
^Eshave (Spain) - all scents
Jabonman (Spain artisan, expensive! scent availability varies)
Faena Soaps - all scents
DOVO soaps
THIERS ISSARDs shaving soap
KLAR SEIFEN (Germany) soaps
MÜHLE soaps all scents
EDWIN JAGGER - all products
PRORASO all products
VITOS soaps
ROSE and POTTER fine English soaps
Saponificio Varesino
St. James of London - all products all scents
NSS (Nanny's Silly Soaps)
PannaCrema - All scents
Speick - all products all scents
Tcheon Fung Sing Italian Sapone da Barba - all scents

So I guess that is quite a lot....I am not getting (because I do not want to): Arko or Old Spice (all the EU versions of Old Spice soaps are awful)
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Any unique LPL scents you can get we don't get in the states? i currently have the original, Rose and CED/Patcholi. Im curious to know if any other are out there.

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