Looking to trade my ATT M1/M2 Bamboo set.
Returns on ATT site equal to $198.96 for the individual pirces.

Prefer to trade for a "rigid" razor.
Looking for the mild/medium aggressive razors you guys have lying around collecting dust.

Feather ASD2
Charcoal Goods SS razor or level 1 head (or level 2)
WCS CNC SS razor
Or any rigid type (vintage or new)

Actually any razor would be considered.
I am not really picky. It is just a shame that this combo lives in its box
My apologies in advance for my pitiful photography skills. I almost gave up trying to get these pics.

[Image: sZnhGaE.jpg] [Image: 3So3VeU.jpg]
[Image: xCAlYpX.jpg][Image: rVxsnBm.jpg]
[Image: aJT8N9v.jpg][Image: KyOHxCA.jpg]
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