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Hello all,

I have a set of the limited release APR Réserve Privée Les Santal, soap, splash, and EdP that I would like to offer for trade. As you can see in the pictures, this set is hardly used, I believe the soap has three uses on it. Since this includes a splash and perfume, I will only ship to a US address.

For trade, I am interested in either a Wolfman WR2 .95 SB, a Declaration Grooming Jefferson brush if any batch.

Thank you for your consideration[Image: 1bc3a1d1b7351c3c574ff5eba9488c35.jpg][Image: f26c1550fe3e7ccc3a99727f232868c2.jpg]
Updated Declaration wants with a couple more batches. Thanks for your consideration.
Bon weekend, all. Small update on the wants side of my listing.

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