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The razor head is a polished Yaqi with a 1.05 DC head. I also have an additional baseplate from Razorock Lupo DC, which is compatible with the Yaqi top cap, as demonstrated in the last photo. The handle is made of titanium from China. The razor's total weight is approximately 80 grams, with the handle weighing 50 grams and the head 30 grams.

Price: $55 Conus

[Image: Whats-App-Image-2024-05-04-at-9-21-57-PM.jpg]
[Image: Whats-App-Image-2024-05-04-at-9-21-58-PM.jpg]

[Image: Whats-App-Image-2024-05-04-at-9-21-58-PM-1.jpg]

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