Want to fund another project I have so these are on the chopping block and I prefer my other custom WW brushes. 
These are custom WW brushes with SHD knots. 
First is a one off color explosion with a 26mm SHD fan knot and it is very jelly with the tips, $100 shipped conus 
Second is a huge brush, pink color with almost clear/pink/purple with metal flake to be like a nebula with twists in the handle. 28mm SHD knot that is like a pillow and it is just too big for my face. This was a expensive custom done by WW and I woild like $195 shipped conus 
No trades at this time  
Take both for $285 shipped conus 
[Image: UPXFxLm.jpg]
[Image: TtlLzIL.jpg]
[Image: wXYLMI2.jpg]
[Image: fhptKvE.jpg]

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Gatineau, QC, Canada
Beautiful Brushes & Great Deal

Alan H
"Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value."

  - Albert Einstein
Color explosion sold
Pink monster brush remains $180 conus
Prices to sell $150 conus
Bump... $150 or best offer
Open to potential trade offers

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