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Hi all. I just got a nice mail call, and also have some soaps I don't enjoy the smell of(obviously subjective)or honestly didn't realize I have bought extras... want to trade for others.

For sale/trade


  Leviathan soap and aftershave $40

Long Rifle Soap Co.
  Voyageur   $10
  Cedarwood:Lavender  $10

  Zeus soap and aftershave balm $20
  XX  $9

Beaver Woodwright
  Blackbeard $15
  Queen Anne's Revenge $15

Chiseled Face
 Sherlock  $13

REALLY looking for...

   Beaver Woodwright
         Ghost Ship soap and aftershave

   Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements soaps and aftershaves
         Tamanu Nior
         Dapper Doc
         Tea Party 508

  Others that may go with a husky/masculine scent profile...thanks!

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