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Selling a few razors

New Brass Yaqi The Final Cut -$90 shipped conus

Sold - Henson Ti V1 Medium (++) I purchased it as unused from a member and have not used it. - $135 shipped conus

Sold New Aylesworth Kopparkant with stand - $105 shipped Conus

Razorock Game Changer .84p with UFO handle -$45 ahipped conus. The open comb plate sold separately and is NOT included. 

Sold- Simple Clean Shave/The Razor Company Aluminum- $35 shipped conus

Sold- Gillette Super Adjustable date code appears to be P3 -$30 shipped conus

[Image: uO127T1.jpg]
[Image: 7448Ilr.jpg]
[Image: 0yEC4b8.jpg]

[Image: UxplHw2.jpg][Image: t7vMKlN.jpg][Image: Q8x3kWq.jpg]

[Gillette pics](https://share.icloud.com/photos/0a5EBprT...O_7q8AQ1kg)

PayPal goods and services. Plenty of feedback on arfcom as Kaufdrop and eBay as chuddles27[Image: uMgUkYl.jpg]

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