2019 DFS LE - Eleven Soap & Aftershave Splash is now LIVE! Read more here!!

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The following items are up for sale today. All prices include CONUS shipping. Payment is via paypal. I'm open to trades, particularly B&M, CRSW, Mickey Lee, and Catie's Bubbles, but I always consider other trade offers.

RazoRock Holy Cannoli (lathered 2x) - $3
Cold River Soap Works Winter LE (6 oz. tub, about 85% remaining) - $15
Soap Commander Motivation Aftershave Balm (about 80% remaining) - $10

[Image: qoO07FS.jpg]

[Image: Q6H5VeE.jpg]
The Cold RIver does that have menthol it it?
(02-28-2016, 10:26 PM)rkrmr1963 Wrote: The Cold RIver does that have menthol it it?

Nope, no menthol.

Jeremy Dutton  isnt this the soap youre looking for in your WTB post?
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