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Looking to sell my Aluminum Jet Black Standard Razor.  It is completely new and has only been used once.  I'm looking to sell it for $55 shipped.  CONUS ONLY. The razor retails for $80 on their main site, so I'm posing a good deal. The price I am asking is exactly what I paid, so I am not making a profit, just looking to recuperate the funds I spent. The shave of this razor reminds me exactly of the RazoRock Baby Smooth which I just also got, hence I'm selling this one.  It's a great razor, shaves smooth, yet very efficient.  Comment below or PM me if interested! Smile  Here are some pictures:

[Image: wiQ84UL.jpg]

[Image: ALTLopk.jpg]

[Image: RXfVHWu.jpg]

[Image: c4OAO7z.jpg]

[Image: vMH06Ue.jpg]

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