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Okay, folks. I want to post this here before I go anywhere else with it.

I'm clearing out my den because a) I need to make some room, and b) to contribute to the "Get The Clean Shaver to the Pasadena Meetup" fund.

Add $4 for CONUS shipping with whatever you'd like. The more you buy, you save on shipping.

Soapy Bathman "Ponderosa Pine" 60% left - $7
Catie's Bubbles "Knee High to a Grape" used twice - $15
'47-'51 Brass Gillette Tech - $22
Zi Peppino, used twice - $6
Mahogany, scratch & dent, used 3X - $6
QED Essentials Anise & Lavender, lathered once - $12
Jack Black Supreme Cream, used twice - $20
JM Fraser Polar Ice Cream, used once - $7
Vie Long 13070 soft Horse Hair Brush, used maybe 6 times, no "funk" - $25

Buy ALL of it for $130 shipped.

PM if you're interested in any items. Pictures are available upon request.


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Be smooth, everyone!
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