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Hello Gents,

Proraso Red (sandalwood) shave cream. Only used once with an almond sized amount taken.

Gillette Slim I-3 in good condition, no significant defects or flaws. Too thin for my taste; nonetheless, it is a great razor.

Catie's Bubbles Irish Coffee with about 95% left in the tub. Delicious, sweet scent. I prefer darker scents.

Proraso aftershave balm with aloe and Vitamin E. 90% of product left.

I am selling the following products listed only as a package. $55 for all four. PM if interested. Thanks for looking.

[Image: CS79Tuy.jpg]
[Image: UM1G2QY.jpg]
[Image: HKO3Cak.jpg]
[Image: W4j5X0E.jpg]

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