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Hi all I got 2 minty razors up for consideration. Both were never used. I have too many razors and decided to part with these. Both come with their original boxes. Both are no longer made in their respective versions and/or finishes. Asking $255 for the Seygus. It has different safety bars on each side and is polished. Asking $240 for the McMurphy. The McMurphy is #100 and machine finish. Shipping is $5. PayPal as well. Let me know if you have any questions! I’ll also throw in a pack of blades and ship same day payment is received!

[Image: SYNftYa.jpg]
[Image: NFVJJhN.jpg]
[Image: bz0jYM6.jpg]
[Image: MUEtMtL.jpg]
[Image: G0ffhyb.jpg]
[Image: U5BLqUA.jpg]
[Image: Ke4SWnn.jpg]

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