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I want to sell this nice and in great shape Muhle R89 with the normal sized chrome handle!

I'm asking 40$ USD plus the shipping cost, with nice rate since im from Canada.

If you have something to trade i'm open for head / handle / soap! thanks!

[Image: ljf8MrC.jpg]
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They are $32usd shipped from Connaught to Canada, so your price may be a bit high for used.
Well i bought it sometimes ago at arround 60 usd i think... :/
$33 shipped brand new from Connaught to Canada.
Everyone is correct but those who are not aware of Connaught Shaving and Shaving.ie would have no idea those prices exist. The razor does indeed cost around $55 to $60 at most US stores so it's not that he's asking a high price, but that most people here are aware of the better deals.
Indeed, thanks to all of you, you killed my thread now.
(02-13-2016, 05:55 AM)Mathieu Dionne-Levesque Wrote: Indeed, thanks to all of you, you killed my thread now.
Just looking out for participating DFS members who use the site for more then just the BST.

If you had priced it accordingly to market value, there wouldn't have been any comments.

Bottom line, you were way overpriced.

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According to you, 95% of online vendor are overpriced then.
I'll close the thread then, i'm not poor enough to let it go for 10$, see ya.
I hope one day that you will benefit from someone in this group pointing out a better deal on something you want to buy.

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