I’ve decided to let go of this beautiful Mozingo brush with Bretts hand tied ZT3 knot (26mm). It’s got a gorgeous handle and the knot is superb, just another I don’t reach for so much. Price includes shipping to USA, international will pay actual shipping cost. Shoot me a message if you have questions!

[Image: 5cff318ba694f6a5c5f03c49eb23744b.jpg]
[Image: b14013284554c0b190f2027577c41922.jpg][Image: 9b5ccf298d984db45977c7e35202f753.jpg]
[Image: d2368d8ae3b68f2817f262037a78c28f.jpg]

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There is no price listed

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Trotter Handcrafts
Bellingham, Washington USA
Dibs if it’s free
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That means shipping to the U.S. is free too!
Sean, Upstate N.Y.

Sorry folks, rookie here. Forgot to list the price!

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