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I'm selling this wonderful Morris & Forndran brush.

The iconic 2XL shaving brush by Morris & Forndran is considered by many to be one of the finest shaving brushes ever made. This 2XL brush is offered with a hand-crafted Sand Ebonite handle filled with Lee Sabini's Finest Badger.  The 2XL handle pattern is a direct copy of the Rooney 2XL "Stubby" that Lee designed while holding an ownership position with that company. 

Approximate Dimensions • Total height: 99mm • Handle height: 48mm • Bristle loft: 51mm • Socket diameter: 28mm • Hair: 2-band Finest Badger fl

I ask € 300 plus shipping cost.

I don't like return.

[Image: XsyPXu9.jpeg][Image: 8m14IUo.jpeg][Image: INy1i1V.jpeg][Image: Xp8shgk.jpeg]
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