Hi all -

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the evening.

I was hoping to pass along a lot of items I have duplicates of and will not see much use. I'd love to sell the lot to make shipping easy on me.

1. 1 new Razorock Stalion Aftershave
2. 1 new Razorock Tuscan Oud shave soap
3. 1 new Shave Revolution "The Aficionado" Tabacco Vanille soap/cream
4. 1 used one time Pinaud After shave lotion - (8 oz) bottle
5. 1 open never used only oped to smell Tabac 10.1 oz after shave lotion -
6. 1 Stirling 4.5 oz new Mogadishu Hope - was a limited realese test batch -I'll throw in a few Stirling samples too
7. 1 Cold river soap works Jardin d'Orange about 50% left
8. 1 new Van Der Hagen scented soap 3.5 oz

Take the lot for $40 shipped

Enjoy the evening!

Wow that is a great deal! GLWS
- Jeff
Thank you! I hope someone will want to take!

One of my favorite things about the forums is others trying to sell product they won't use at a reasonable price. I have acquired a lot and have some of these items twice so I'm hoping it is a fair deal.

Due to the alcohol I can only ship to the lower 48 at this price too.

Thanks again! Have a goodnight!

Youre welcome! I would take it but I'm on a self-imposed restraint at the moment. Someone will get a good deal.

You have a good night as well!
- Jeff
Feel free to make an offer!

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