Selling this pristine Filarmonica 13 Doble Temple JMP. I believe it was NOS before I sent it to Alfredo for its first honing. The edge is superbly shave ready, with only one shave on it since being honed. Pins tight, centers perfectly, no issues.
$250 shipped CONUS only.
[Image: 55ae8ee10c4218c95ebd22febb9d3a55.jpg]
[Image: 2b71f39db754d2e7682289797a98ff1c.jpg]
[Image: b028c5b939b4d905b1e1a5a222764c59.jpg]
[Image: f8ac2181d5b64ad4e7c988fe6e15f0f1.jpg]
[Image: 4ce309d946fc81bc39bf0de12dfd48e8.jpg]

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Wow Sergio, that is a beauty!!!

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This razor is sold.

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