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Hello all,

I have a couple razors for sale today. Prices include CONUS shipping

Feather AS-D2 $110 DROP TO $100

Standard Razor, aluminum, black, with stand $30

Thank you.[Image: e7e755a8c1fc7876c9ee1923ab226e86.jpg][Image: ba45e81b441bf19b4970ce75ac745516.jpg][Image: 4fce310bb91c76c39d356de46e373ff2.jpg][Image: 85bfe4be21e22fde16882ec6315092a0.jpg][Image: 879bc3e623a4348bb037f86d2a8c2c1b.jpg][Image: dc188c159513b5bc368b67d7e526996c.jpg]
Price drop on the Feather.

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