San Antonio, TX
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Den edit for this week. Prefer to sell but will trade for Wolfman head or Butterscotch Falstaff. All brushes will ship in original box.

Simpsons Chubby 3 Manchurian Jade 30x57
Purchased new in October for $440 (£285). Overbought Chubbies... Simpsons unscented cream will come with it! The higher than usual loft combined with very nice batch of Manchurian makes this a special one.
Asking $375 shipped CONUS $360

Thater 4125/4 (30x58)
Bought off of a respected member recently. Still not a bulb guy but the tips are very nice on this one. Retail is $180.
Asking $120 shipped CONUS. $115

Simpsons Chubby 1 Manchurian  (24x50)
Had this set in a Carnavis and Richardson Eclipse. I prefer larger knots but this is a wonderful example of Manchurian in a unique handle. Retail is £225 I believe and the transplant was $45. Comparable in size to a M6 handle and weight to an 85x15mm razor handle.
Asking $250 shipped CONUS. $240

iKon B1 SB head with OC plate on a Bulldog.
Plating is in good shape with wear from use but no flaking. Prefer the slant head. Retail is $145.
Asking $110 shipped CONUS. $100 and 65 Personna Lab Blues
[Image: seuavMt.jpg][Image: 4Ll6jmb.jpg][Image: VWQUbHJ.jpg][Image: jYiunAS.jpg][Image: Yg9aArw.jpg][Image: 4BXVR3j.jpg][Image: zwyz52X.jpg][Image: KI1IyWu.jpg][Image: Wtxx0MG.jpg][Image: oXOhI2o.jpg]

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Chazz Reinhold HOF
That stainless handle is sweet!

San Antonio, TX
Thanks Hector! Eighchops does excellent work. I will be getting another for a larger knot. This handle is comparable in size to an M6.

Updated pics with the CH3 out of direct morning sun to show the Jade better.

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