Hello! I would like to sell this ATT S2. The S2 head alone is $99 including shipping.
With the MR5 handle is $109 to CONUS only. Sorry for the dates are off. I can repost with updated dates if needed.

[Image: 3c3af626b9a2233cabf9d23856fc9f98.jpg][Image: ecfd7fd7e2194c7c5ba66edef83e25c2.jpg][Image: 28818b8c048147897fac23e913970ebe.jpg]

Please pm me if interested. Thank you for looking.

Ronnie Bishop

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Philadelphia, PA
great price. very similar in price for the head to what I paid for mine from the bst a few weeks ago.


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Thank you sir!

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Also WTTF ATT R1 head. (Trading head for head only)

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