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All K2 purchased in the past month.

Khalifa Brand new- disclaimer. This jar is a nightmare. This is my backup and I swear this thing chips if you look at it wrong. I ended up scooping my other Khalifa into plastic tupperware. I will shrinkwrap shut, and excessively bubblewrap this package but I cannot guarantee it will arrive in one piece due to the workmanship. As of now its still whole so im optimistic, but I wanted to be open about this. This is a known issue with these jars.

Novelist- set- used once (scoop) This is a little dryer than my other Kaizen2 soaps which are much creamier. Peter confirmed this was his intent when I asked him about it via email. Performance is the same.

Pedro Fiasco Set - Used 2X. AS arrived a little less full than the rest of my AE order so consider it 90%

85$ shipped priority mail. G&S included

[Image: NHNPink.jpg]
[Image: HJ8vslS.jpg]
[Image: dsLgxx6.jpg]

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C-Bread got it very right, incredible shaving soap, horrible container.  

What was Peter thinking with these garbage soap containers?

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