Take all for $70 shipped[Image: 5604cd87b7a374b34ee1866bbe93bbfd.jpg][Image: d42d3165ffa10422e9d8eda5c623b75c.jpg][Image: 283a472af89a14a7618045f4f1223f56.jpg][Image: a3bfe686ad3cf5194973434c13e2cee5.jpg][Image: e303fff5af16539751e09c639ffcb7d2.jpg]

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That looks like a hell of a deal, but it might be helpful to a potential buyer if you listed everything that's there.

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- Jeff
Jabon higo y vanilla
Mythos ishtor
Dr Jon 1803
La soap blackfern
Simpson soap
Route 66 road trip
Fitjar sapekokeri
Tabula rasa patchouli
Prohibition style goats milk
Crowne and cream rose Garden
Savon barbe au gel d aloe Vera bio
Jabon dama de noche
Crowne and Crane barber shop
Whisper from the woods apothicarie
Viking opium den sa
Violetta di Parma
Country Club orange blossom
Asylum Royal fougere
Ginger garden citrus sorbet
22 PAA samples
2 gem razors
1 I think flair tip

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This is a really great deal for someone. Lots of shaves here and a few razors that together are likely worth close to the asking price. Surprised this is still available.
I wish I was just starting out and saw this. GREAT deal GLWTS! Smile

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