High Polished Wolfman WR1 .94DC with high polished WRH2 & High Polished WRA1. The razor has been used 4 times and is in very good condition. The stand is in good condition.

Here’s the razor

[Image: 7c3bbdef088cc4363b8eff5b8b07d4d1.jpg]

The brush is a Declaration Grooming Washington B3 “Claus”. It’s the original 24MM.


Software lot is $250 net to me shipped CONUS.

[Image: 5f82feceb2b2976d0742730d8384b77a.jpg]
[Image: 84120e7ed75c885fcecd3c3a2dc3e31a.jpg]
[Image: 66661e1c1f8c5c1952fcee395d5680b8.jpg]

1. Rhapsody soft hearts soap & balm (new)
2. Rhapsody OG set (as not pictured) (new)
3. Hindsight set (new)
4. Victorian set (new)
5. Carpe Verde set (new)
6. Cognac & Cuban Cigars set (used 2X)
7. Plunder set (used 5X)
8. Zaharoff Signature set & EdP (soap used 5X, AS new, EdP 95%)
9. TOBS Sandalwood set (soap comes with extra puck - would be 100% full. AS 90+%)
10. YRP (soap used unsure. Maybe 10X? AS 95%)

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