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I want to sell some of the shaving gear that I'm not using anymore.

All items can be seen in photo below. Individual images are under the link below.

1) Omega 10098 Boar Brush : Used, in very good condition. 12-15$ new, 8$ shipped
2) Semogue 830 Boar Brush: I'm the second owner. Used, in good condition.  20-24$ new, 8$ shipped
3) Razorock Boar Brush: Used, in very good condition. 20$ new, 15$ shipped
4) Zenith Boar Brush: Used, in very good condition.32$ new on ebay, 24$ shipped
5) Omega 11126 Boar Brush: Used, in very good condition. 17$ new, 12$ shipped
6) Parker 26C: Used, in good condition.29$ new, 18$ shipped.
The black parts seemed to be slightly discolored,
but don't remember how it was when I got it.
7) Edwin Jagger DE86BL: Used, in very good condition. 32-37$ new, 20$ shipped
8) Maggard Razors Closed Comb V3:Used only a couple of times. 6.95$ new, 5$ shipped.
9) Stirling Soaps Barbershop Aftershave Balm: At least 80% full.8.95$ new, 7$ shipped
10) Godrej Shaving Cream: Unused, 3$ shipped.

The whole lot is 120$ all together.

I'd like to this as a lot. I might break it up if they don't sell.

Let me know if you have any questions.
Individual photos of items under this link: http://imgur.com/a/BsWp4

[Image: qGt6qDG.jpg]
pm sent

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