Offering up 2 rare, discontinued DEs

Weber DLC on a black cerakoted Triad handle $250 CONUS

Weber ARC on titanium Windrose $275 CONUS

Take both for $500 CONUS
[Image: e588bcf6e89c6346a1feb325757408af.jpg][Image: 836691dbfc98c70880d068e0215b8f2b.jpg][Image: d274b39791557d6b49dadb6c32b12b9d.jpg][Image: 7ee2ab67977a1f1476dba715c76c6521.jpg][Image: 681cd98bce4500b8fba84afcd95b38e0.jpg][Image: e2575b66646a11c2a8152fc52a9c0eaa.jpg]

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More Human than Human
You don’t see these come up to often. Excellent razors! Great member here. Buy with confidence. GLWTS

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Emperor of Shaving
Unicorn razors at a great price. Great guy to deal with!

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"veni, vidi, vici"

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