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Selling this incredible synthetic brush, I think the best synthetic brush available.

Just finding I am strictly a badger person.

Paid $275.00 shipped, asking $225.00 shipped CONUS only, also comes with the box

Pay using PayPal G&S

[Image: FotsgQf.jpg][Image: uV4OHbg.jpg][Image: 8IuLcbw.jpg]

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Brush is Sold
(11-29-2018, 08:51 PM)andrewjs18 Wrote: Hi all,

If an item you're looking for and/or selling has been found or sold, please do a full edit on the original post and change the thread prefix from want to sell, want to trade or want to buy to closed or sold.  Doing this will allow our system to automatically move the threads to the bst archive once every hour.  This cuts down on our moderation overhead and helps keep the bst section "clean".

I do not believe the thread prefixes show up in tapatalk, unfortunately!

Here's a photo example:

[Image: Cf0cU9f.jpg]


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